Thursday, January 5, 2017

Setting it straight....

So, this being the first of January I have been asked so many times over the past months what the story really was.  So, well, I will tell it all here.  Many will say why did she post this type of post anyways, well, to answer that, because I am tired of the story being one sided and tired of all the lies. 

July 26, my ex husband finally moved out of the home we had rented.
July 29, I filed my divorce papers with the lawyer.
Last week of September started seeing boyfriend. 
Oct 1, made it official with my boyfriend.
Oct.  25 the divorce was final. 

Now there are the dates, lets get a few things correct, I until the end of September never dated or saw anyone else, I had been totally faithful in that marriage.  A marriage that was a week shy of being 21 years.  A marriage in which the last time I was told I love you was at the alter, and later the same night told he did not love me.  For 21 years I was told I was a leech, a mooch, undeserving, and never loved.  I was a stay at home mom for many years and homeschooled our girls.   And yet, was considered a leech and mooch, really???? 

Yet when I filed for divorce, I was called a whore, a tramp, an adultrus, and many more things.  I kept my mouth shut until now.  I am done trying to hide what has  been said and done to me.   I did nothing wrong in finding another man who actually loves me and I love him.  I tried for 21 years and it did not work.  So for those of you who want to cast stones and say crap.  Get the facts straight.   Realize the source of the comments and negativity.   When have you seen ever on my face book pages any negative remarks about my ex husband.  You have not nor will you.  And this post is not a slam at him, it is to set the record straight and get a few things out that need to be said. 

Several have just wondered what happened, said we seemed so happy.  We hid things really well.  I am no angel and do not profess to be, but will not allow all the blame to fall on me.  I should have filed for divorce years ago.  What all happened in our home is and was our business, but if a wife up and leaves after 21 years and there IS NOT another man in the picture then there is a serious problem in the marriage,   

So this all being said, stop the judging, stop the ridiculous comments, stop the judge mental attitudes, just stop and let my household be happy.   If people and recently my family had tried to talk to me about what was going on they would still be in my life, yet they fell for a story that was so made up out of fantasy that it was laughable by many.  And sadly, by believing in that story do not have me as a family member any longer.  But now I can say I belong to a real family, one who accepts me no matter what and there on no conditions on my acceptance.  I am free, happy, and loved. 

So, here is to 2017 and making it the best year yet.