Monday, August 18, 2014

The Legacy of They, She, and Their.....

Today my thoughts go to the legacy that love built.

My grandparents spent 76 years together.  That is a really long time.  SHE was 14 and he 19 when THEY married.  THEY had 5 children, sadly, 3 of which have already passed.  THEY together built a home with their own hands in which THEY spent over 50 years of their lives in.  THEY built a family with so far the 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.  THEY made a life together and stuck by one another when there was little money and little food on the table.  THEY farmed the land and planted garden after garden in order to put that food on the table.  THEY made sacrifices for themselves so many of their family would have.  THEY showed what love is all about.

THEY, yep, I used that word a lot in the last paragraph.  Because, THEY, together made a world for their family. 

Many people do not realize that yes, Grandaddy passed away almost 11 months ago, but grandmother is still here.  The stories, love, laughter, and down right silliness is still there in her.  SHE is still a person with feelings, love, compassion, and memories.  My grandmother fills a void in my life like no other.  SHE is a rock for me and the foundation that I really did not see until the death of my grandfather.  SHE is the reason I do so many things I do.  SHE can give you a sheepish little grin and you know SHE is thinking about something silly or SHE can give you a look that means SHE  is not a very happy person at that moment.  But SHE is still a human that needs to know SHE is loved and wanted.  SHE is the queen of this empire that her and my grandfather built, and SHE to me will be placed on her throne until the Lord takes her home to be with her husband again. 

Grandmama taught me to crochet, cook her biscuits, plant a garden, raise my kids in church, love God, but most of all SHE taught me what true unconditional love is and that no matter what it is or how hard the circumstances are you must keep going and you will get thru.  SHE is a tiny little lady but one heck of a strong fighting woman. SHE truly proved that when SHE lost the love of her life after 76 years together.  When SHE speaks of him SHE speaks with words of such love and longing.  And sometimes you see her wipe a tear from her eye, all the while smiling while SHE is telling a story of something from the past.   Her words get confused some days but you know that her heart is there remembering the good times and all the while SHE is bursting to let others in on the love that was to her and her husband the love of a life time. 

THEY, taught me what it meant to stick it out during hard times with my husband.  THEY taught me what it was like to be able to love another with unconditional love and forgiveness.  THEY taught me what it means to have a family. 

But SHE, well, SHE has taught me that no matter how hard the times or situations get, as long as you hold on to one another and the strength of those you love that you can get thru things together.  I owe so much to my grandmother and I know someday the time will come for her to go meet granddaddy.  But for now, I plan on loving that little 91 year old woman with every ounce of love I can give her.  And I plan on being there with her thru all she goes thru.

So you see, THEY were the beginning, SHE was the middle, and THEIR legacy is the ending.  A legacy that will not stop going until the end of time. My grandparents love and care will simmer down thru me to my children and to my grandchildren and to the children after that.  Because where there is a true foundation as the one my grandparents gave to us, well, it can be pushed to the side, but it can never be forgotten.