Friday, June 13, 2014

Life Is Like A Garden

As I sat out back this morning having a cup of coffee, I gazed out at my little garden in the back yard and just had so many thoughts come to me.  As I tried to sort thru all the things coming to mind it dawned on me that life and what we leave behind is very much like a garden. You work the ground, plant the seed, water the garden, weed it when needed, and then after a length of time it begins to produce what one hopes to be great things. Only to die and wither away, but if you are lucky and you have done the work correctly, what once you planted will come back in full growth again and again. 

I like to think that this a lot like the process of life. 

For my life, I do not mind saying I have a foundation that is my Lord and Savior which is my grounding. 

The seeds that I sew are those in which my husband, children, close family, and friends fall into the category of. 

Then the watering is what I do with and for those in the seed category. For example with my children, I give them the things that they need in order to grow and thrive in life.  

The weeding is simply something that must be done.  When a garden grows it begins to fill with ugly plant life that can destroy the good that is being produced and in time if not tended to properly can totally choke out or destroy the plant.  I weed out those in my life that are choking the life out of what I am here to do weather it be friend, family, or acquaintance.  And yes, I said it, even family members.  Now let me stop here and say, everyone has their own opinions on how families are ran.  People have even said, "they are family they are blood".  Well, blood does not make family. Blood makes you related.  Love, trust, truth, sticking around in tough times, and honor is family and my dear reader I have found more of those things in some of my closest friends than some of my family members.  Family is there when things get bad, they are there when you need them, they are there to shed tears with, they are there when things are good, and they are simply just there.   So no, I do not feel even the slightest big guilty for weeding out of my life family who are toxic to what my life stands for and needs.  God said forgive when others do you wrong, he never said you have to keep going back into the same relationships that got you upset in the first place. So, I forgive, and I move on and am quite happy with my life decisions. 

Now we are at where the blooming of the garden takes place.  In blooming of a garden, new produce or fruit is beginning to grow.  As it grows it gets bigger giving the one who planted it great joy in watching it grow.  (Me, yes, that is me everyday when I see something new sprout up. I may even be seen doing a happy dance in the yard over it.)  Then as the fruits or vegetables are ready to harvest we get great enjoyment and nourishment from these said plants.

Isn't that what our lives are suppose to do?  We are suppose to be good, kind, loving and nurturing to others.  We are the plants so to say in this world.  We are the buds that can produce good or bad.  And if we are good we can leave behind things of ourselves that others will long remember, love, and want to continue on with.  And in many cases we leave parts of us here that can be grown over and over again and again.  I think this is the case in family.  Now the things we leave do not have to be gardens, it can simply be memories of the way things were done, the lessons learned, a recipe, or simply a story told.  It can be the love one person gave to others that spilled out into many different things in life. 

So, as I finish this entry I think of those who have gone on before us.  They were the seeds of yesterday that bloomed into beauty and nourishment for us, that ended up dying in one season only to in another season produce more fruits so that its lifeline never ends.  I want to be the legacy that those before me started.  I want to be a plant that many new plants begin with after I am long gone.  I want to be as God wants me to be a branch of his vine.  

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