Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happiness Is A Choice.....

Hello everyone :)  What a beautiful day it is outside.  We were able to get out and do a lot of yard work and start the anticipated readying of the ground for a small garden and future home to a flower garden.  The kids are simply loving getting to do all the new things that we were unable to do while renting the apartment.  As I type this I look out the window and see a beautiful blue sky with the clouds floating around randomly and I keep thinking, wow, I am truly happy.  I am happy to see my dog running around playing while the kids worked in the yard.  Happy that in a few weeks we will be planting flowers and veggies.  Happy for great friends and those in my family who have been encouraging the past few months.  Happy that my husband and I have decided that this new home is where we will more than likely live out the rest of our years.  Happy that no matter what, I can look out my window and up towards the heavens and know without a doubt life is and can be a wonderful thing its what we ourselves make of it. 

During this season of Lent, I challenge each of you reading this blog to find the good in every day you have, look for the sunshine in the rain.  Put a smile on even when you have tears welling in your eyes.  Look at the bud in a flower and see the beauty that will be unfolding.  If you have lemons then make up a big batch of lemonade then sit back and enjoy it.  And keep your heads held high looking up towards the heavens and let your strength come from God.  

Being happy is a choice.  I choose to be happy and my wish for you my dear friends is to be happy too.  May God bless each of you.